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During my volunteer work for the Oogvereniging (Dutch Eye Association) I met many normal looking people with an eye condition.  They were not only bothered by their possible limitations, but also by misunderstanding of others. Incomprehension of how they, normal people, see the world. I myself do not experience any limitation due to my secondary glaucoma, I only have a small visual field loss at the edges. With this series double portraits, the normal portrait and how they see the portrait themselves, I have tried, not only for myself, but also for others, to find an answer to the question: "But what do you really see?"

The project was the end of my education at the Fotoacademie |  Fotogram. Together with the Oogfonds (Eye Fund), a traveling exhibition plus photo book has been made of the series, with an interview per person.
Since July 2021, the exhibition has been continuously displayed in the MuZIEum in Nijmegen.
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The exhibition at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

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