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The photo project ‘VISION and VISAGE’ (MIJN geZICHT), the graduation project for my photo training at Fotogram | Fotoacademie, shows double portraits of twenty people with a visual impairment: the normal portrait and the same portrait but in the way the visually impaired sees the portrait. The photos with accompanying interview have later been included in a traveling exhibition and a photo book by the Eye Fund (Oogfonds), see the website of the Eye Fund: MIJN geZICHT. See also: Over mij
The daily newspaper AD published eight double portraits with the interview on Saturday 16 September 2017 in the ‘Magazine’. They created an interactive website too: This-is-what-someone-who-is-impaired-in-the-mirror-sees
Interview with Peter Lansink, ophthalmologist in Medisch Spectrum Twente and chairman NOG (Dutch Ophthalmic Society) on TV-Twente / Enschede

The exhibition in the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Video of all twenty portraits

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